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L. Åkerblom & Co.



Welcome to L. Åkerblom & Co

Maskinförsäljningsbolaget L.Åkerblom & Co AB runs a three-legged business, their main branch involving the sale of new and second hand machines, projecting of production lines mainly for saw mills and other wood industries, the second branch involving the after-marketing and the last branch being the building department.

Lennart Åkerblom has worked within the Swedish and the European wood and saw mill industries, since 1968. Since 1996 he runs the Maskinförsäljningsbolaget L.Åkerblom & Co AB, where Lennart himself and his son Michael are responsible for the sale of new and second-hand machinery, complete production lines and the projecting.

During the year 2000 we acquired a building company in Trosa. Presently Börje Åkerblom is in charge of traditional building activities.

CHEJ and Viking in Nora AB
Considering that our Ing.Firm L.Åkerblom HB has been the sole agent for the former CHEJ and Viking in Noras timber handling program during 10 years, we decided to take over their activities when they closed down. We considered this take-over was our moral responsibility towards our customers, and at the same time a profit for our activities in Nyköping and Oxelösund.

CHEJ is a well-known name in the branch. For more that 70 years CHEJ and Viking in Nora have supplied their products and services to saw works all over the world. The take-over by the Maskinförsäljningsbolaget of CHEJ and Viking in Nora guarantees our customers continued access to spare parts and full service for the machines and installations bought through CHEJ and Viking in Nora AB.

In Oxelösund we have store rooms and workshops dealing with restorations, modifications, production and testing of special machinery, as well as the service and certain productions for the after-marketing department. Here Bengt Åkerblom is in charge in collaboration with a number of smaller contractors. The primary activities involve the projection and delivery of smaller or bigger production lines for timber cutting and glulam production all over Europe and in Russia. During a considerable period of time we have been particularly successful on the Russian market which has supplied us with a large number of orders from Russian saw industries.



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